Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pretty Peacocks

Kindergarteners spent 2 classes creating these cute peacocks. I know I found this lesson on another art teacher's blog, but I can't remember who's at the moment. Thank you!
The first day, I showed the kinders several pictures of peacocks. We talked about the colors in their feathers and how the male is the one who is most colorful. Then they painted. Using 3 different sized sponges cut into circle shapes, they stamped the colors of the upper tail feathers in an upside down U. Then I went around and painted the sides of their hands blue and they stamped their hand at the bottom of the paper for the peacock's body. The following week, they were able to finish their peacocks by adding chalk pastel details for the feathers and the peacock's feet. This project was so successful I had several parents tell me they had their child's picture framed!

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