Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Scream

3rd graders studied Edvard Munch, the expressionist painter who created the famous painting "The Scream" (several versions, actually) My art room luckily has an issue of scholastic art that focuses on this artist and we spent 1/2 a period reading about Munch and his life, as well as his artwork. Then we looked at a reproduction of "The Scream" and discussed what this painting was about and how Munch was trying to express intense emotion through is art. While this was happening, the students were being called out of the room to have their pictures taken, in the classic pose of the man in the painting. These were printed off by our computer tech lady. Then the students began to create their own version of the scream, first by painting the background. (See the first picture above) After this dried, they added the board walk in the lower left corner and then details using chalk pastel. The last step was to glue their pictures to the picture in the appropriate location. These were a real hit with the students!

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