Thursday, March 4, 2010


I taught this lesson to my 5th graders. I have to say it is an absolutely fabulous lesson that every student enjoyed and got a lot out of. I started with a short powerpoint that showed some clear examples of foreshortening. The students trace their hands and feet, then add the body and. head as shown. I talked alot about how when you draw your arm forshortened, you might not be able to see very much of it. I also stressed that the hands and feet should visually appear larger because of the effect of foreshortening. You definitely need large format paper (at least 24 x 30), preferably good quality, because in the second part of the lesson the students use water color to finish their pictures off. Look at the wonderful results below!

Materials list:
large format paper(one per student), pencils, sharpie markers (to trace over the pencil lines), watercolor paint, paint brushes.

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