Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wax resist kinder sheep


Crayons in white, black, brown and green
Good white drawing paper
liquid water color in blue and green
Sheep coloring page

It is sometimes hard to come up with age appropriate lessons for kindergardeners. They are still learning basic skills and need a lot more time to complete different tasks. My advice is to break the lessons down into it's base components and allow the students to do only one or two things per class. This is a lesson designed to teach students about line, particularly 'bumpy' lines, (the sheep's wool) and about water color and wax resist. The first lesson was spent guiding the students in how to draw a sheep with a little bit of a background. They were given only 4 colors of crayons to draw the sheep, grass, clouds (which were not visible until they water colored over them) and a brown fence if they wanted. This was the first class. We had about 15 minutes left in the end of the class. I had a sheep coloring page with text at the bottom. We reviewed the text and then the students colored their sheep for the remainder of the class.
I forgot to mention that I began the whole lesson by reading the book "Sheep in a jeep" by Nancy Shaw and illustrated by Margot Apple. We talked about rhymeing words while reading and laughing about the sheep and their adventures.
Anyway, during the second class, the kinders painted in the two colors, which took very little time for them and a lot of time for me to prep and clean up. But it is worth the effort for the students to be able to experience painting and colorful results. For the remainder of this class, I handed out lined paper for the students to copy the text written at the bottom of the coloring page. All in all this lesson had many aspects that were tied together by... SHEEP! Look at the cute creations below...

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