Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Numbers, numbers, numbers!

This was a super fun lesson that lasted exactly one 45 minute period! It is a great lesson to reinforce kindergartener's new knowledge of number writing and counting, introduces Jasper Johns and Pop Art and is a nice watercolor, oil pastel resist project.

When the kinders got settled, I showed the some Jasper Johns paintings and talked about how some artists use every day or 'popular' themes to create their artwork. Some of the images you might want to share are Map , 1971 by Jasper Johns and Numbers in Color, 1958-59 also by Jasper Johns. Another good one to share is 0 through 9. This image inspired a lot of conversation and the children were excited to try to find all of the numbers in the painting.

The project consists of the students first writing their numbers on a large sheet of white drawing paper. The trick is they must write one 1, two 2's, three 3's and so on up to 10. This was fun for them. Encourage them to use different colors for different numbers and turn their paper. Tell them they will be writing 55 numbers total so they must not write huge (as some kinders love to do!)
After they have finished this, get out the water colors and let them paint their papers however they like. And they are done! I think they look nice mounted on a piece of construction paper after they have dried. Have fun!

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