Thursday, April 22, 2010

Alien Names

If you have a class that you need a 'filler' activity, or have some students who finish a project early, this lesson works well. Particularly for second graders who are just learning to write in cursive...

To create these name aliens, first fold a piece of paper in half length wise (we call this the hot dog fold). Write your name in cursive, using oil pastel, along the folded edge. Make sure the bottoms of your letters touch the fold. After writing your name, fold the paper in half so your name is now on the inside of the paper. Using the back of a spoon or the handle of a pair of scissors (something hard and smooth) rub the paper to transfer your name to the other side of the fold. When you open the paper, you will see a light mirror image of your name. Go over this with the oil pastel to darken the lines. When you turn your paper 90 degrees, the image looks like a strange alien!

Now students can fill in and add details to their alien using markers or crayons. 2nd graders have no problem letting their imaginations run wild, and come up with some really amazing results!

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