Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mark Mays, Pennsylvania Artist & Teacher

Yesterday, my family and I adopted a dog from our local humane society. He is a senior dog who has had 3 other owners before us, but is a really snuggly, affectionate little guy. Our humane society is a really caring place and a nice interim facility for all of the critters who don't have homes. If you are looking for a companion, definitely adopt from your local shelter or humane society!!!

Anyway, one of the events they have every month is called Furry Friday which is an open house to view their animals, and in addition they feature a local artist. Last month they featured the artist Mark Mays who creates sculptures from found and recycled items. Take a look at these awesome little robot creations!
I would love to have Mr. Mays come into my classroom to talk to my kids!

See if you can identify all of the stuff Mays has used to build these scuptures...

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