Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Really big Bulletin Boards

Yesterday I volunteered with a friend of mine to put up bulletin boards in my daughters elementary school. The boards are approx. 11feet x 8 feet (really big!) and we had to cover them with flowy imagery reminiscent of the stuff on the 2010 Olympic web site. It was a challenge, but definitely a lot of fun! Working big is the way to go!

The boards are in conjunction with a visiting artist that is coming to the school. She will be creating musical instruments with the children and they will then make music to the "Olympic Rhythms" of the athletes. I don't quite get how they will do this yet, but it sounds interesting.

The art teacher is having the students make large drawings of the different athletic figures of the winter olympics (e.g. figure skaters, hockey players, skiiers etc.) and these will then be attached to the boards. I will post pictures of these as they are completed.

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