Sunday, January 31, 2010

Geodesic Domes!

I have taught a lesson on geodesic domes to 6th graders and to 8th graders. I have taught it in several different ways... Where they simply created them out of recycled copy paper... all the way to where they were required to creatively cover them with materials of their choice. At the school I am long term subbing at right now, the 6th graders painted them and we decided to create an installation with all of them stacked together. The display is impressive and I think it will make an impact with students and teachers alike. Below is a picture of the installation with a student who helped me to put it all together.

To see more images of this project along with the entire lesson plan, click here. This link takes you to my other blog where incidentally, I have complete lesson plans for several other upper level projects.

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