Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I introduced kaleidocycles to my 6th graders on Friday. (Please see my post on kaleidocycles for links to good websites) They loved them, but here are a few tips. First, expect to have a million questions about how to fold them. And then expect to be asked again how to fold them. And again... (you get the picture)
Next, expect to give mucho individual assistance when it comes to assembling them. They don't go together in a very clear cut fashion and for those who have never folded something like this before (none of my 6th graders), it is far from intuitive. That said, it was a project that they were all interested in, and all wanted to have one due to the coolness factor. I slipped in some math and I don't even think they minded! The only other thing I wish was different, but I had no control over, was I wish I was able to print mine on cardstock and a bit larger. The printer at my school doesn't handle cardstock, unfortunately.

I do believe this lesson would be better suited for 8th grade or above, due mainly to the develoment of dexterity and visualization skills. Otherwise, still a great project.

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