Monday, April 5, 2010

Seeing in 3d

Planets in Space!

I used this lesson as an introductory lesson to teaching students some key components of creating the illusion of form on a two dimensional surface. My fifth graders were learning about space in science so I thought this was a great way to make those all important interdisciplinary connections! First I brought in a portable clip on light and a playground ball. I turned off the lights in the room (which is always so exciting to students?!) and shown the clip on light onto the ball so students could observe clearly how light is reflected off of a sphere. We talked about core the highlighted area, the core shadow and the reflected light on the opposite side of the highlight. Then I demonstrated how to create this effect on cut out circles using chalk pastels. When glued onto a splatter painted background the results are quite nice!

My next lesson will be for the students to actually draw from life - probably a plate of apples and pears, using the new found skills and knowledge they gained from this lesson!

The other key thing to remember is that all of the planets have to be positioned so the light highlighted areas are facing the same direction.

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