Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Printmaking with kinders

While kindergardeners and paint ofte creates an atmosphere of complete chaos, the results are worth it in the end...

I wanted to introduce kindergarteners to printmaking so I came up with this cute lesson where the students use found objects as the printing 'plates'. I collected a bunch of recyclables (bottle caps of all sizes) corks, forks, and pencils with flat erasers. I gave a brief demonstration on how to dip the items in thin layers of paint and then stamp them on to their paper. I talked about using a variety of sizes and how to use their forks to make the grass. As a final step they dipped thier thumbs into some red paint that I dispensed and they stamped as many lady bugs as they could with one dip.

I let these dry and in the next class the students added final details with crayons, namely spots on their lady bugs, stems on their flowers and extra petals on the flowers if desired. Some students chose to add some bumble bees to their picture. We talked about what a lady bug looks like and how many legs they have.

The last step was to add a pre printed poem that I found on the net about lady bugs.

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